Hi there!

Here is a little bit about me

Throughout my degree and work experiences, I have blossomed into a sociable, curious, and determined creative communicator. My skills vary from the likes of creative direction, styling, and film photography, to strategic brand + event curation, visual merchandising and much more.

Due to the negative impacts of the fashion industry, as well as the increase in greenwashing from brands, a key value of mine is to actively be an environmentalist. I have acquired expertise within the wider fashion landscape and now have an overarching focal point to take through my creative career: to drive change within the fashion industry by promoting the importance of reducing overconsumption and becoming conscious consumers.

As a Climate Fresk Facilitator with an A-Level in Geography, and a degree in BA (Hons) Fashion Communication & Promotion, I am confident I can use my knowledge and skills to help strive towards this change. This passion was thoroughly incorporated into my dissertation project, which evidently led me to produce the brand PACT Project - an educational resource to promote conscious consumption.

“Mentoring Mia has showed me just how much of a talented creative thinker she is. Her varied skills and broad knowledge allow her to present ideas clearly, and bring all outcomes to life in great detail. Her passion and trend instincts help her communicate well and always execute her projects in a forward-thinking way. I have absolutely loved being her mentor, and I cannot wait to see where she goes in the future!”

- Eleri Horne, Global Website Content Manager at Quintessentially

My main interests include creative writing, cooking, and exploring different cultures through travelling and photography - particularly film - which you can explore via my Instagram - @miadavies.creative, and Pinterest collections - @miadaviescreative.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to hear from you soon!