In November 2022 I was the only final year student to participate in a pilot workshop by Climate Fresk for my university. Due to its success, the staff agreed it should be rolled out across my specific school - NTU Art & Design. Fast forward to May 2023 and I qualified as the ONLY student who is a Facilitator throughout the whole of NTU!

Myself and two younger students took part in completing the Climate Fresk Workshop as a trial for NTU to further promote the need for sustainable practises.

The afternoon consisted of an engaging workshop on climate change, and because it encourages collaborative intelligence through the team-working element, we learnt a great deal from one another. We closed the day with an open discussion of what we ought to do next, and this raised the mood due to our positive plans and ideas to promote change and move forwards. 

Trained Facilitators

I then took it upon myself to train to be a Facilitator. Being a Climate Fresk Facilitator means I can raise awareness among colleagues, peers, family etc, about the causes and consequences of climate change, and I can facilitate workshops myself, for anyone I want. It has opened a door to the Facilitator community, and has given me the ability to take part in a variety of different events organised by the incredible NGO.

As part of the 45,000 global Climate Fresk Facilitators, I ensure that throughout my career and day-to-day life, promotion of protecting our Earth and how we can directly make a positive impact will be at the forefront of my mind.