With a focus on sustainability within the fashion industry, by refining my interests alongside an analysis of growing trends, I identified a growing trend of the glamorisation of second-hand shopping. This evidently leads to the high-street being brought back to life, hence the title of my report “The Revival of the High Street” which opposes the commonly used phrase ‘the death of the high-street.’

The Brief:

In relation to your chosen research topic, produce a cartogram that identifies new and exciting trends within the industry. Identify timely and innovative areas of research, outline how the research topic can translate into project ideas for the final year (e.g. is there a gap in the market, a problem that needs solving), and align your own areas of interest.

Using the lens of sustainability, demonstrate knowledge, awareness, and best ethical practise around the key issues of sustainability regarding the future of Fashion Communication and Promotion.

The Story:

The Skills:

  • Trend Forecasting

  • Thematic Mapping - producing a detailed cartogram

  • Researcher

  • Interviewer

  • Layout Design