After being headhunted through Instagram, I became part of the Event Design and PR team at local Nottingham bar House of Coco Tang, and helped establish the new, termly, Flip x Coco Tang event.

The Brief:

To bring exclusive student nights back to independent bar Coco Tang, after the success of their weekly events pre-Covid. New branding, social channels, and event curation was needed to secure confidence in the success of the launch night, leading to a monthly event. 

The Story:

As the only Nottingham Trent student in the team, my knowledge of social life at NTU was imperative. 

The idea behind the name ‘Flip’ was because we wanted to flip the sterotype of the bar being an unaffordable spot, through the promotion of a newly curated student-only menu. This also worked in terms of the event space, since the bar area of Coco Tang is underground - flipping you from street-level, to partying in a house-party, basement-style space. 

Curation of the name led to the idea of our menu being created in the style of a retro Motorola flip phone, adding to our ‘retro house-party’ style of the event. This gave the event a strong USP, and an ‘Instagrammable’ feature to draw in further consumers.

The first event was a huge success with all tickets selling out the day before, and great feedback following the launch night. We managed to go from initial idea to the launch event all within one month, so it was a really rewarding, fast-paced, and exciting project to have been involved with.

The Skills:

  • Event planning & production

  • Competitor research - to create a USP

  • Consumer knowledge - making sure the event will attract local students

  • Organisisation - balancing my dissertation hand-in and a real industry experience

  • Graphic design & branding

  • Promotional skills (PR) - to push sales

“Mia was a crucial member of the Event Design team and we could not have had such a successful launch without her help!”

- Mirela, head of PR for Coco Tang