Giving a second look at one team project from a second-year module to identify weaknesses that can be improved. Individually evaluated, remixed, and expanded on the original, to create an improved, visually led professional report.

My final idea was to capture the bleak, lonely, emptiness that skateparks were facing due to lockdown and the pandemic in general. Alongside this I am aimed to showcase the mental-health effects in which losing the community aspect has had on the skating community.

Although the positive mental benefits were still there from being able to continue to exercise alone, the lack of socialising essentially over-ruled any benefits. I knew merging my concept ideas would work together, as I planned to portray the story of a modern skater (my housemate) and how she is incorporating the skating life into everyday situations, despite feeling ‘trapped’.

The Brief:

By “remix” it is meant that the original team research stage will be taken and built on to create something new. Reflect on how the final concepts and outcomes could differ, and elevate the Photo Story brief to truly look like an edition of Polyester Zine.

The Story:

I chose to remix the Photo Story brief since the original outcomes felt disappointing and unreflective of my research and understanding of Polyester Zine. Their quirky yet recognisable aesthetic intrigued me, and I felt that during the original project I really got to understand their consumers and their brand values. 

I kept a focus on the female skating community since the original brief was to incorporate physical and mental benefits of outdoor exercise, as well as the environmental benefits of re-wearing, re-using and upcycling. Skaters are of course based outside, and the clothing they wear is typically second-hand or upcycled. Therefore, these link directly to the original brief. Polyester Zine also has a consumer base of subcultures and small communities, so again by focusing on female skaters reclaiming the sport, I knew their current consumers would engage well with this issue.

Concepts I combined = 

1. Fishbowl 360:
Refers to the phrase “I feel like I’m trapped in a fishbowl” and emphasises how being alone or stuck inside 24/7 leads to a lack of privacy from your own mind. There will be a mental health focus and a relatable, chatty tone of voice to the articles to create a sense of common community feeling. Even if the reader is not a skater, through primary research I found that 95% of people struggled with lonliness during lockdown months.

2. Everyday Skate:
The skateboard as an everyday object: a table, a plate, a pillow, a piece of food - to symbolise how the lack of community spirit and usual skating lifestyle has affected skaters. The ‘craving’ to socialise and be out in the real world is still there. The imagery would be sensual, bold and outrageous to resonate with Polyester’s usual striking imagery, with a contrasting article to create a sense of emotion for the readers.

3. The Pandemic’s Kickflip:
Ideally shot in 35mm film, this concept will demonstrate the effects the pandemic has had on the skate community: empty and bleak skateparks, dull weather, with one or two models only. The article would feature an emotional tone with a humours side about having to now ‘ride solo’.

The Skills:

  • Researcher
  • Idea Generator
  • Concept Creator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Mock-Up Artist
  • Art Director
  • Interior Stylist
  • Photographer
  • Copywriter

“Your report shows a highly professional and understandable journey of your processes through to outcomes. I love how you had the opportunity to redo something you weren’t satisfied with, as your talent and passion for the brand really shines through when looking at your outcome imagery in this project! The aesthetic, photography and layout really resonate with Polyester and I could completely imagine this as one of their own publications.”

- Eleri Horne, Conent Specialist at ASOS