With eight years experience in a range of retail environments, I have honed exceptional customer service skills, mastered resolving issues to ensure satisfaction, and can seemlessly adapt myself to work with all types of customers. My experience includes problem-solving, 1-1 styling, multitasking, clienteling, elevated sales techniques, and training new employees. This journey has made me adaptable, resilient, and well-equipped with a diverse and transferable skill set.


Sales Associate 

- This role has provided me with a new focus in retail - clienteling and CRM. I have used CRM tools to track customer interactions, preferences, and purchase history, allowing for tailored communication and a personalised, premium shopping experience. 

- I have become adept at quickly adapting to new trends and viral products, customer preferences, and changes within the store environment. This enables a streamlined service for each and every client.

- Consistent team collaboration to reach store comission targets.

- I have developed an in-depth understanding of Coach's product line, including materials, craftsmanship, and the story behind each piece. This enables me to provide detailed and compelling product information to customers to elevate premium selling oppourtunities.


TikTok Coordinator & Sales Assistant

In my dual role as a TikTok Coordinator and Sales Associate, I acquired and refined a diverse skill set that has greatly enriched my professional capabilities. By blending social media coordination with my sales expertise, this ultimately enhanced my ability to drive brand growth and customer satisfaction.

Brand Synergy: I effectively integrated my TikTok coordination with in-store sales activities, ensuring consistent brand messaging and promotions across both online and offline platforms.

- Marketing Alignment: I aligned weekly student event themes with in-store events and promotions, and I would them produce on-trend TikToks which were also related. This created a cohesive marketing strategy that maximized customer engagement and sales.
Content Creation and Strategy: I developed engaging and creative content tailored to our target audience. This involved conceptualising ideas, scripting, filming, and editing videos that effectively showcased our products and brand personality.

- Social Media Analytics: I became proficient in analysing engagement metrics, understanding viewer demographics, and leveraging insights to optimise content performance and strategy.

- Trend Analysis: I honed my ability to stay ahead of social media trends, identifying and capitalising on viral content opportunities to increase brand visibility and follower growth.


Sales Associate

- Here, I acquired in-depth knowledge of a wide range of brands and products, enabling me to provide informed recommendations and assist customers in making purchasing decisions.

- I often trained new members of staff, implementing my team leader skills and thorough knowledge of the company.

- I won ‘Associate Of The Month’ multiple times due to strong customer feedback and my dedication to working any shift patterns that management needed, even whilst studying for my degree.

- I did a lot of volunteering for Comic Relief with Tk Maxx. I raised £200 to do a night walk up Moel Famau, and while in-store I helped to arrange and take part in fancy-dress days, staff cake sales, and sponsored static bike rides on the shop floor. We also encouraged customers to donate at the till point, and we pushed sales of the Red Nose Day t-shirts by re-arranging the store’s visual merchandising to make them a focal point.


Retail Assistant

- During my first job at Peacocks, I gained valuable skills and insights such as: organisation, sales techniques, time-management, adaptability, maintaining shop floor standards, professionalism, and team collaboration.

- This role helped me understand the foundations of how retail stores operate, and it was a great starting point in understanding how to tailor my customer service skills from person to person.

- I began understanding customer demographics, with a focus on catering to an older consumer base. I gained an understanding of their unique preferences, needs, and shopping behaviors, which helped me provide tailored customer service and product recommendations.

- I developed strong communication skills, including active listening and clear, respectful interactions, to engage effectively with older customers who often had different communication styles to younger shoppers.



- I thoroughly understood each customer’s personal preferences and needs in order to tailor styling options, and provide fashion advice for each different person and occasion.

- Gained deep knowledge of fashion trends, fabric types, and styling techniques, enabling me to offer expert guidance on outfit selection and wardrobe building.

- Educated myself on the importance of embodying the brand’s aesthetic and values, ensuring that my styling choices and customer interactions reflected AllSaints' identity. 

- I developed effective sales strategies, including upselling and cross-selling, to meet and exceed sales targets. 

AUGUST 2022 - FEBRUARY 2023:


- My experience as a family/customer photographer at Chester Zoo gave me a well-rounded skill set in photography, customer service, and sales, all while fostering a deep appreciation for wildlife and conservation.
I developed my skills in portrait photography, learning techniques to capture flattering and natural shots in various lighting conditions and environments. Similarly, I mastered the art of composition and framing, ensuring that each photograph is aesthetically pleasing and effectively highlights the subjects.

-Being patient and flexible was very important, particularly when working with children and large groups, to capture the best moments despite any challenges or distractions.

I put my degree to use, using visual storytelling skills to capture candid and meaningful moments that convey the joy and excitement of a visit to the zoo.

- I gained experience in promoting photography packages, upselling additional services, and handling transactions, contributing to the overall sales and marketing efforts of the zoo's extra services.


Fashion Stylist

- I actively sought opportunities to improve my styling skills and industry knowledge, staying informed about the latest fashion trends and techniques through training and research.

- This role helped to develop my verbal and non-verbal communication skills, ensuring clear, professional, and engaging interactions with clients and colleagues.

- I worked closely with other team members to coordinate styling efforts, manage inventory, and create a cohesive shopping experience, contributing to a positive and productive work environment.

- As this OUTFIT store was the top performing in the area, I quickly learnt how to navigate working in a fast-pace retail space. I gained knowledge on how to efficiently resolve customer issues, and how to handle difficult situations with tact and efficiency, ensuring customer satisfaction and retention

- We drove sales of the Children In Need Merchandise through exceptional customer service. We organised fundraisers as a store, and staff encouraged customers to take selfies in the Children in Need Instagram frame. This was so they would share the pictures and hashtag on Instagram, therefore driving more donations towards the charity.