Working for Tatty Devine to create a hand-made, small-scale retail set concept and accompanying digital display, to demonstrate synergy across physical and online formats.

The Brief:

Using creative prop-making and art direction skills, also research innovative and effective practice within physical and digital visual merchandising and the current consumer of Tatty Devine. Investigate other non-fashion retail environments, architecture and theatre and non-retail digital spaces for inspiration.

The Story:

They are the world’s go to brand for original, fun, statement jewellery. Alongside their classic, limited edition and seasonal capsule collections, they also collaborate with artists, designers, charities, and cultural spaces. Each of their designs are unique by turning throw-away scraps, or objects such as metal and leather, into jewellery.

From our research we learnt that Tatty Devine consumers are bright, bold and exciting, and we knew this needed to be reflected. The brand is fun and values the consumer’s experience. They are not afraid to push boundaries and create a statement through their products. Tatty Devine’s stand-alone store is something that does not reflect the brands aesthetic, but in fact celebrates their products!

Our final set display reflects the vibrant, contrasting colours and prints that Tatty Devine is renowned for. I felt that my group were definitely successful in this project as we produced a very on-brand, realistic visual merchandising concept which would be enjoyed by both their team and their consumers.

The Skills:

  • Set Designer - This project allowed my creativity to flourish. I made the entire physical set.

  • Set Maker - I mocked up 3D furniture with cardboard and sampled lots of different materials and patterns to find the correct ones for the brand and chosen concept.

  • Concept Creator - I combined our three concepts together: Retro Vision, Memphis Abstract Style, Unconventional Charm. I finalised our idea with mixed abstract, colourful, retro-style prints to engage the fun and creative target consumers.

  • Mock Up Artist - The store’s Spotify playlist was curated by me. It was a necessity in visualising the store’s ambiance and spirit as it contains uplifting disco and retro music to engage with the consumer and brand.