An 8-week professional industry Live Client Brief with Estee Lauder Companies to dechipher what The Cosmetic Companies’ store of the future will consist of, look like, and behave as. The final presentation was at the London head office infront of: the Store Design and Visual Merchandising Director, the Creative Operations Executive,  the Visual Merchandising Design Manager, my course’s Principal Lecturer, and round 20 other students who took part in the same brief. 

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The Brief:

Explore and propose what The Cosmetics Company Store’s (TCCS) store-of-the future should be. The biggest challenge is never knowing what product assortment can be guaranteed, so flexibility is key. Feed the proposal into a 3-year strategic plan to adapt the existing Cosmetics Company estate, also ensuring proposals for future estate expansion and evolution.

The presentation will be in-person at the Estee Lauder head office to the clients, course tutors, and course peers.

 The Story: 

 The Skills:

  • Team Manager
  • Project Researcher
  • Trend Forecaster
  • Graphic Design 
  • Store Design 
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Marketing Strategist  
  • Organisation
  • Presenting